Whether you’re a dinghy sailor or a big boat sailor, sustainability and being eco-friendly is probably something you care about. Afterall, keeping the oceans clean and avoiding pollution is part of our duty as sailors. Here are some tips on how to be a more sustainable sailor, and bonus ideas of some gifts for sailors in your life! 

  • Pick your routes wisely


Obviously sailing is more eco-friendly than using your engine, but a big part of actually being able to sail is having fair winds. For this reason, it makes sense to use an app like PredictWind to chart your course such that you minimize engine use. However, using PredictWind can get pricy, with the premium price running all the way up to US$499.00 / year. Now there’s an idea of a gift for a sustainable sailing lifestyle.

  • Pick up trash wherever you go


You might be surprised at what a big change is  possible with such little effort! Say you’ve pulled into a bay and are going for your morning swim. You might dedicate just 5 minutes to look for trash on the seabed or among the waves, and bring it back to the boat to be properly recycled. The same goes for when you’re on the beach. Perhaps organize a half-hour beach cleanup with your crew or your colleagues as a corporate social responsibility initiative? It’s also a great way to build camaraderie when sailing. If you’d like to automate the process for yourself or a sailor you want to give a gift to, check out the Sea Bin Project (https://seabinproject.com) , essentially a floating trash can that will gather trash from the ocean as you sleep.

  • Dress Sustainably


Did you know that only the oil industry is worse for the planet than the fashion industry? The clothes sailors wear are often made of polyester, which is disastrous in production for the environment. If you really want a great gift idea for the sailor in your life, an Aqua Nomad top should keep them buzzing for days (www.aquanomad.co). Not only are these sailing tops & hoodies made from recycled plastics, but they’re packed with features other brands can’t offer sailors. Who doesn’t want to feel good about looking great while saving the oceans?

  • Avoid Plastic Wherever Possible


#3 discussed clothes made of recycled plastics, but we know that recycling is part of a larger “reduce, re-use, recycle” strategy. Reducing plastic in the first place is a great step to sailing sustainably and in an eco-friendly way. Some areas where you might eliminate plastic are disposable water bottles (go for a re-usable version), disposable cutlery, and even in practical items like compasses. As a gift for the sailor in your life, consider a metal version of some of these disposable plastic items we use regularly. There are homegoods companies even coming up with compostable utensils and plates.

  • Recycle Appropriately


Almost 90% of plastic isn’t recycled.  One gift idea for a sailor who wants to reduce their environmental impact is a set of separated recycling bins for the boat: metal, plastic, and glass.  But what’s more, only a small percentage of what is put into the recycling actually gets recycled, and the rest is treated like regular trash. If trash is not separated by material type and properly recycled, they do not find the right recycling facilities and end up being mixed with rest of non-recycled trash. Because of this, it’s important to support companies that actually contribute to the circular economy, like Aqua Nomad – sailing clothes made of recycled plastics. (aquanomad.co/shop)


There you have it, some top gift ideas for sailors. Let us save you the trouble of going off to a different site to find them. Check out aquanomad.co/shop to buy right here 🙂