Our Story

We are two cousins and sailors, bringing you sailing clothing actually worth your money.

We’ve travelled the world sailing, from racing and cruising the tropical waters of Hong Kong and the dynamic seas of Istanbul, to the lakes of the US and the coasts of Italy – but two years ago we became concerned that we weren’t doing enough to keep these seas clean for the next generations

Looking at our environmental footprint, we realized that even the simplest of our clothing wastes so much of our natural resources –  did you know that a cotton T-shirt takes 2700 litres of water to produce, for example? 

Thus was born the idea for eco-friendly sailing clothing, built from ocean plastics, that we could feel great about wearing out on the water, and look good in back at the racing club. 

Clothing that would help you perform your best, allowing you to focus on the water and wind, but also serve you reliably in leisure.

Come on Board the Community, Aqua Nomad

Guiding Principles

Amazing functionality starts on the ground level

We understand sailors’ needs because we are sailors ourselves. Additionally, we interviewed, observed, and empathized with professional and amateur sportspeople of the water to build something that truly adressed a wide array of needs.

Great looks can’t be sacrificed

Style meets functionality. One t-shirt from race to prize giving.

Never ignore planet earth

Sustainability and eco-friendliness is at our core, and is built into our entire approach to design, manufacturing, and post-production processes. We will advance our efforts to take care of worth through supporting global CSR programs from our revenue.

Price competitive

We work to strike a balance between great quality and solid prices. Our clothes are not prohibitively expensive, and are designed to fully “pay for themselves” over their years of usage

What’s wrong with my clothes?

35% of all microplastics- tiny pieces of non-biodegradable plastic- in the ocean come from the laundering of synthetic textiles like polyester. Even washing clothes releases 500 000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. Fashion production comprises 10% of total global carbon emissions, as much as the European Union. It dries up water sources and pollutes rivers and streams, while 85% of all textiles go to dumps each year.

And you don’t have those issues?

No. We make our clothes out of eco-friendly materials like recycled ocean plastic, but that’s not the end. We manufacture in a Turkey under the highest possible level of OeKo-Tex certification, which enforces policies on chemical, environmental, and quality management in addition to environmental performance, social responsibility programs, and health & safety.

What features do you have?

If you’ve ever felt the need for it, we probably have it. Our features built for sailors by sailors include as waterproof pockets, hat clips, colours that resist sunscreen, and even curved hem waists so you don’t expose your rear while working up deck! All this is designed so you can focus on the sun and the wind, never the shortcomings of your clothes.

Sounds great – how do I buy?

The “shop” page awaits you 🙂